Well, we’ve finally done and committed to a new FEAT website.  In this space we will document our todo list, accomplishments, problems, whining… whatever…  Note that this author is new to WP, and his day job is about data, not websites…

The project consists of moving all the content and functions from a seven generation hosted DNN site to a WP site, designing all the templates, user/security, blogging for board members, event management, user management, content curation process and a whole lot more. Essentially, it will be a multi-persona based site for the content and online functions of the FEAT community.

Comments and Volunteer help of any kind will be appreciated.

The TO Do List is here…

  • Raw Cutover of base content
  • cut over feat.org domain
  • Move the document archives
  • Move the Meeting Archives
  • Mock up Archives for 2016 through 2019
  • Enabling Blogging.
  • Create basic reusable template forms